When using ozone generators for air purification and water treatment, it is important to avoid common mistakes. In this blog post, we will discuss some most common mistakes people make when using ozone generators and how to avoid them. Read on to learn more!

Buying a cheap machine over the Internet is likely to result in a non-functioning doorstop since the equipment is low quality and cannot be repaired.

Pre-treating a space with an ozone solution is most effective when it has been fully cleaned. A pre-treatment can be used to “knock down the odor” in a hoarder home if one is performed. However, there’s no reason to use ozone until after you’ve completely cleaned the area.

Ozone Generator Mistakes

The following are some of the most common people make while doing the ozone treatment.

  1. Don’t use ozone to clean the air if anybody can breathe it in. When breathed, ozone is a harmful gas. As a result, be careful not to expose anybody to it when you employ it for air purification.
  2. Despite the fact that numerous individuals use it in California to eliminate odors, the Californian legislation forbids its usage as an air purifier.
  3. Don’t expect Ozone to remove manganese – Ozone does not affect these minerals, but it does alter them so that they are readily filtered after treatment. They can also accumulate at the bottom of the tank after ozonation.
  4. Keep it close to the electronics – When using ozone, keep it a safe distance away from electrical equipment and outlets.
  5. When utilizing galvanized pipes, copper pipes, mild steel tanks, or any other system that does not corrosion-proof, don’t inject ozone into the water. Ozone is a highly corrosive gas. Unless they are made with particular resistance to corrosive chemicals, pipes exposed to it might develop leaks.
  6. The difference in chemical structure between the two types of filters allows for simultaneous air and water purification. The ozone machine should not be used with both a water filter and a negative ion generator at the same time. They’ve been designed to operate one at a time only.

Some other general mistakes to avoid include while using ozone:

  1.  Using an ozone machine that is cheap and quickly fails
  2.  Failing to prepare area for maximum results during the ozone treatment
  3.  Using an ozone machine that is too small 
  4.  Using an ozone machine that is too big
  5.  Using the ozone machine for longer period

Efficiency Of Ozone


Overall, the efficacy of ozone in disinfection has been confirmed. It outperforms other disinfectants in terms of effectiveness and offers a slew of additional advantages. You may benefit from amazing benefits in disinfection and odor removal as long as you use it properly and as directed.