Ozone information such as how to measure dissolved ozone in water, output from ozone generators, and many other ozone related queries can only be understood after having basic knowledge about various units of measurement used in the ozone world.  Here are some of the most commonly used ozone generator output units and ozone concentration units defined:

Ozone Generator Output Units

  • g/hr = grams per hour

An ozone generator’s overall output is measured in grams of ozone. It measures how much ozone an ozone generator produces in one hour of time. In order to provide a g/hr rating, the flow of gas through the ozone generator must be determined along with the quantity of ozone in that gas. This information will allow for an accurate measurement.

  • mg/hr = milligrams per hour

The unit “mg/hr” is commonly used to measure output of smaller ozone generators. 1 g/hr ozone = 1,000 mg/hr ozone.

  • kg/hr = killograms per hour

Used to measure output of very large ozone generators. 1 kg/hr ozone = 1,000 g/hr ozone.

  • lb/day= pounds per day

Used to measure output of large ozone generators in English units. 1 lb/day ozone = 18.89 g/hr ozone.

Ozone Concentration Units

  • wt% = percent by Weight

It provides a concentration of ozone gas in the flow of gas through the ozone generator by referring to the percentage of ozone gas by weight (as opposed to volume).

  • g/m3 = grams per cubic meter

An ozone generator can be used to find the amount of ozone present in a given cubic meter of gas. This method can be used to quantify the concentration of ozone.

  • ug/ml = micrograms per milliliter

1 ug/ml of ozone equals 1 g/m3 of ozone. This is used to measure the concentration of ozone in some applications.

  • ppm = parts per million

One part of ozone in one million parts of air is 1 ppm, i.e., one part of ozone in one million parts of air. Getting 1 ppm from one million parts of air is easy. It is important to note that weight and volume can be used for measuring ppm. However, in the ozone, ppm is almost always measured by volume.

One part per million is equal to one mg/l of ozone in water. 1 ppm is equal to 1 mg/l ozone.

  • mg/l = milligrams per liter

Normally used for measuring ozone in water. 1 mg/l = 1 ppm ozone in water.

One gamma is equivalent to one g/m3. One gamma is equal to one ug/ml of ozone in air. These can all be interchanged.

Flow Measurements for Feed-gas (Air or Oxygen)

  • LPM = liters per minute

The flow of air or oxygen through the ozone generator is measured by LPM. One LPM is equal to 2.11 SCFM.

  • SCFH = standard cubic feet per hour

SCFH is a unit of measurement for the flow of oxygen or air through the ozone generator. 1 SCFH equals to 0.47 LPM.

  • m3/hr = cubic meters per hour

Ozone generator feed-gas flow rates as a metric, typically used for large scale systems with ozone generators. it is typically used for Oxygen flow, but can be used for air flow as well. 1m3/hr = 16.66 LPM.