“I have been incredibly fortunate, and I can say with absolute confidence that the virus has not been transmitted within our school.”

Since the onset of the pandemic, a school in Dublin has attributed its successful prevention of a COVID-19 outbreak to a classroom disinfection machine. The deputy principal of Hartstown Community School, which accommodates 1,100 students, proudly stated that they have remained completely free of any outbreaks.

Being one of the pioneers in Ireland, the school implemented ozone disinfecting machines to effectively sanitize the air and surfaces of its classrooms. Although a few positive cases were reported, the transmission of the virus within the school was successfully averted.

As schools gear up for the implementation of CO2 machines to detect air contamination, a noteworthy development is underway. These machines facilitate the conversion of oxygen in a room into ozone, a powerful chemical that effectively eliminates the COVID-19 virus from the air. Notably, this process takes place only when the room is unoccupied, ensuring safety. The school has confirmed that the machines can be utilized even during lunch breaks.

Expressing her gratitude, Deputy Principal Natalie Clince remarked, “The funding allocated by the Department of Education for CO2 monitors is a much-appreciated support for schools. School management teams bear a significant responsibility for the well-being of both students and staff.”

Emphasizing the paramount importance of safety, Deputy Principal Natalie Clince stated, “Our top priority is ensuring the well-being of everyone, and the utilization of ozone machines, in conjunction with our existing protocols, has provided us with an additional layer of confidence. I have been incredibly fortunate, and I can say with absolute confidence that the virus has not been transmitted within our school.”

Deputy Principal Natalie Clince highlighted the school’s success, stating, “While we had a minimal number of isolated cases, we are proud that the virus never spread within the school. We attribute this achievement to the effective collaboration between the ozone machines and the implementation of other essential public health measures.”

Dublin-based company Sanity System has distributed mobile “plug and play” devices that utilize ozone gas to effectively purify the air and surfaces of various environments such as schools, workplaces, hospitality venues, and vehicles.

Subsequently, the procedure undergoes a reversal to eliminate any residual ozone, ensuring that the premises or vehicle can be promptly utilized once the process is complete.

Hartstown Community School implemented the use of these devices when schools resumed after the initial lockdown period.

Ms. Clince expressed her confidence and comfort in using the devices to prioritize the safety of both staff and students. She explained, “From a staff perspective, they are incredibly user-friendly. Once the students depart, the caretakers can effortlessly utilize them in various rooms. These machines can be employed during lunch breaks, and the classrooms can be occupied afterward. Operating on a cycle, they require no additional topping up or refilling.”

Ozone, consisting of molecules with three oxygen atoms (O3), is a gaseous substance known for its remarkable oxidizing properties. This unique characteristic allows it to effectively eliminate bacteria, fungi, molds, and deactivate viruses. Thus, ozone finds utility in treating surfaces, water, and the surrounding air that may be potentially contaminated, owing to its potent germicidal effect on a broad range of microorganisms.

Ozone generators produce a gas that can effectively permeate every nook and cranny of an environment, whether it is a single room or a larger space, based on the capacity of the device. Remarkably, this process leaves no toxic residue behind, ensuring a safe and clean environment.

Extensive research has demonstrated the remarkable effectiveness of ozone in deactivating the SARS virus, which initially emerged in China in 2003. Given that the COVID-19 virus shares approximately 80 percent genetic similarity with SARS, there is a strong indication that ozone could be equally potent in eradicating it.