To optimize the benefits of your ozone generator, two factors should be considered to enhance its output: humidity and temperature. However, it’s important to note that a high temperature and high humidity level can have a negative impact on ozone quality and production. This is because a high humidity level will limit the availability of oxygen atoms required by the ozone generator to produce ozone. Essentially, humidity is a form of water (H2O) and two oxygen atoms are needed to form the water vapor.

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In order to generate ozone, there must be an abundance of available oxygen molecules (O2), which is the same oxygen we breathe into our body. An ozone generator breaks apart these molecules and reforms them into ozone (O3). However, when there is an increased presence of water vapor in the form of humidity in the air, the available oxygen for the creation of ozone will decrease. Although it’s possible for the ozone generator to convert H2O, the process is inefficient. In fact, measurements have been taken at varying levels of humidity and the evidence is conclusive.

Ozone production is negatively impacted when humidity levels surpass 60% to 70%. At 90%, the drop in ozone levels will be significant. Therefore, in order to achieve the maximum benefit from ozone treatment, it’s important to decrease the humidity level in the area.

By the way, location of an ozone generator used for car odor removal should also be noted. In this, different people have different opinions about whether to put the ozone generator inside or outside the car. Our suggestion is to place it outside and pump ozone gas into the car from its lathe or door. By doing this, it will avoid ozone’s corrosion to the device itself.

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In addition, to avoid the resistance from the air in the car to the incoming ozone, it is recommended to leave some gaps to make it easier for ozone to enter. When it is estimated that there is a required ozone concentration in the space, it can be completely closed them.

Heat should also be considered since ozone is highly unstable. However, this characteristic is not necessarily a disadvantage. It means that ozone is active and will quickly shed the extra oxygen molecule. Heat speeds up the breakdown process of ozone. Essentially, ozone has a natural tendency to revert back to its original O2 state. So, the instability of O3 is just a temporary state as it tries to convert back to O2.

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In terms of quantity, when the ambient temperature reaches 30℃, ozone will decay by 50% in a minute. The rate will rise to 80% at 40-50℃. When the temperature exceeds 60℃, the ozone produced will immediately be broken down.

It is believed that an optimal ozone production occurs in a cool and low humidity environment. To achieve that, we recommend placing the machine inside the car and running the cord out the bottom of the door, as the rubber seal around the door will easily accommodate the cord.

To treat a car with an ozone generator, it’s recommended to set the unit to a lower setting and place it on the console while the AC is running at full power. Allow the treatment to run for 30-45 minutes. For best results, treat the car in shorter cycles of 30-45 minutes and repeat the process every day until the issue is resolved.

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