SARCEDO, Italy — February 2, 2023 — Based on its innovative concept on simplicity of use and maintenance, Enhanced Garment Ozonation (EGO) reaffirms the maximum position of the ozone finishing system under the Tonello brand. EGO comes with the long-term accumulation of research, experimentation and incremental improvements. It makes it possible to push the new evolutionary stage in ozone garment treatments to the market. Ozone revolution continues with EGO.

EGO: Increase Efficiency and Performance while Reduce Consumption

For Tonello, OFree, ECOfree, and ECOfree 2 stand for the stages of its technical development. They have been changing the rules of the game and presenting new benchmark standards.

Comparing with traditional bleaching methods, enhanced garment ozonation can reduce the use of water up to 80%. And meanwhile, it also simplifies the operations of wastewater purification and a lower treatment costs. Enhanced garment ozonation is a strategic components of Tonello’s All-in-One System. It reflects a philosophy based on the constant optimization and its optimized and sponsible view of the washing and finishing processes of garments.

New EGO Technology

To promise flexibility to the maximum and the widest range of aesthetic solutions, 3 technologies are involved by enhanced garment ozonation in a single system. They are:

  1. Dissolve ozone in water to eliminate back staining, reduce water consumption, and simplify purification operations
  2. Apply dry ozone in air on wet garment to achieve discoloration effects.
  3. Use the patented OBleach process without any chemical additives to realize an authentic bleach with Core technology.

The following are the important innovations that characterize the main features of enhanced garment ozonation:

  • The use and maintenance of ozone can be easier.
  • An ozone generation system can be more efficient since it can work simultaneously on many machines and a capacity up to 3000g/h can be achieved.
  • This new technology is a main component of the most innovative finishing process such as OBleach.

Moreover, when enhanced garment ozonation is used by Tonello washing machines, garment neutralizing can be finished in a short period of time since all the processes will be finished within the same machine. To avoid posing any risks to the operator, the machine is sealed to avoid any leakage of ozone. It also has safety sensors. Enhanced garment ozonation means less consumption, more efficiency, and more flexibility, even for cooler garments.