Adding another atom of oxygen to O2 results in ozone (O3). Lightning storms produce ozone naturally. Ozone generators are used today for both air and water treatment. For ozone in air to be effective in removing air pollutants, it must have a very high concentration. Continue reading to find out how does ozone destroy odors.

How Ozone Destroy Odors?

Using Ozone properly, you can remove many types of odors, including those caused by beer, livestock odors, diesel, urine, feces, skunks, cigars, gas. cigarettes, smoke, vomit and other sources of odors. As a matter of fact, Ozone will almost completely eliminate any odor left behind by organic matter. The odors are physically “torn apart” by the Ozone while it is gassed.

Additionally, as oxygen is used in its manufacture, it does not leave any hazardous chemical residue behind.

Oxidants are utilized in all sorts of industries to destroy or convert organic materials. Organic compounds used in air treatment are oxidized by ozone. In the remediation industry, the dry-cleaning industry, and commercial and industrial plants, it has been used for decades to control odors

Atomic levels of oxygen allow these complex compounds to be broken down quickly into their component parts. As a result, odors are destroyed instantly and permanently. Throughout Europe, and increasingly in the United States, Ozone is long used as part of the remediation industry in homes and businesses where fires or floods have occurred.

By converting organic (odor-producing) pollutants into inert, non-odorous by-products, ozone can transform pollutants such as ammonia, mercaptans, sulfides, and other organic materials into inert, non-odorous products. A powerful oxidant, ozone reacts very quickly. Ozone can be used to combat odors because of these unique characteristics.

There are no toxic or caustic residues left behind by oxidizing substances. After oxidizing substances, it simply returns to oxygen. Smells are permanently destroyed by the breakdown of the target substances.  

You can use ozone generator technology to eliminate odors in industrial settings such as live stock farms, composting operations, car washes, and other areas. Ozone is the fastest-acting and most powerful oxidation agent commercially available and is well known for its odor-destroying properties.

Not Just a Masking Agent!

There are two ways of controlling odors in the odor control industry. Masking agents are used to conceal or alter the base odor. While these systems work well in some areas, they fail miserably in others. Ozone is different from other odor control agents in that as eliminates odors permanently. Ozone does not mask odors or use mask perfumes.

There is no more effective odor killer than ozone to permanently and quickly kill the odors created by various substances.

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