For its strong oxidation, ozone has been widely used as a powerful disinfectant in various applications. However, ozone is also corrosive to most substances, including metals. As the equipment to generate ozone, ozone generators mostly adopts the principle of dielectric barrier discharge for the generation of the gas. In these devices, 110V or 220V AC current that enters the device will be converted to high voltage DC current through an ozone power supply. Therefore, to ensure a long-term and stable working condition, compared with other ordinary electrical appliances, the strong oxidation of ozone and the existence of high voltage current determine that the manufacture of ozone generator must meet harsh electrical and safety requirements. These factors are also important references to judge the quality of an ozone generator. In this article, we’ll see how to identify the quality of an ozone generator from some of these factors.


Appearance is naturally an essential consideration when we judge almost everything. Here, ozone generators are no exception. Ozone generators are used in a variety of environments, including home, commercial environment, industrial environment, agricultural environment, and many others. Different application environment has different requirements for the appearance of the products. Therefore, when choosing an ozone generator for a certain environment, the consideration of its appearance is also necessary. Not only that, the appearance here first refers to whether the appearance of the product is compatible with the environment. Secondly, it refers to the operation of the product, which means whether the operation method and the setting of functions is reasonable and consistent with the users’ habit.

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Internal Structure

Next is the inside of the product. By disassembling the machine we can see the arrangement of internal components and wiring of the equipment. The internal structure of a quality ozone generator should be laid out in accordance with accepted industry standards. In this way, we can judge whether the internal structure of the product is reasonable and whether the wiring is neat. For safety, the wires inside should be connected using connectors, rather than insulated rubber tape. In addition, the material list and circuit diagram of the machine should also be provided with the machine itself. In addition, the manufacturer should also provide a set of core accessories for later replacement or maintenance.

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Then, let’s go to the electric wires. Both 110V or 220V current and high voltage current are existed in an ozone generator. So, there is high requirement in the quality of the wires used in the machine. All the wires used should be both heat and ozone resistant. You can their quality from the following aspects.

The first is the core material of the wires. In the order of quality from highest to lowest, the common materials used in wires are pure copper, copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad iron, pure iron, etc. Next is the diameter and number of the wires. It is better to have more and thin wires, because such workmanship is helpful for controlling the heat of wires. The second is the flame retardance of the wire. To test the flame retardance of the wire, a professional can remove a section of the wire without damaging the normal connection of the wire, and then light the insulation skin with a lighter. Then remove the flame from the wire to see whether the wire will stop burning immediately. If the burning stops very quickly, it means the wire is flame retardant, otherwise the wire is not a good choice for the machine. The third is the insulation skin of the wire. Some electric wires use single-layer insulation skin while some use multi-layer insulation skin. Generally speaking, ordinary electric wires adopt a single-layer design and the wires used for transmission of high voltage current adopt a multiple-layer design. Fourth, electric wires used in ozone generators should preferably have UL certification printed on the surface of the wire.

Plastics Used in an Ozone Power Supply

Ozone power supply is the part responsible for providing high voltage current in an ozone generator. It is responsible for the conversion of 110V-220V AC current from a household power socket into high voltage DC current as high as several thousand volts to drive an ozone generator. Due to the presence of high voltage current, plastic materials used in an ozone power supply also need to be flame retardant. Secondly, the plastic material used in an ozone power supply should also be proved to meet the strength requirements by a drop test. Thirdly, it is also necessary to determine whether the plastic material is contaminated with any waste materials, whether it will fade, whether it is resistant to aging, etc.

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Electrical Parameters of an Ozone Power Supply

We should also figure out whether there is a power stability problem in an ozone power supply. Power stability refers to whether the power of the device can remain stable when it works. An ozone generator is unstable if its power keeps increasing over time. What is normal is that when the device is started, the power will gradually increase. However, the power will gradually return to a stable level after rising to a certain level. And there should not be huge fluctuations later.

In addition, an ozone generator produces a certain amount of heat when it works. With the presence of water vapor in the air, the heat emits from the machine can lead to the production of water. Therefore, in order to ensure the stable work of the product, some ozone power supply has its components potted with glue. The advantage of a fully potted ozone power supply is that it can be moisture-proof and can resist the corrosion of ozone. Secondly, to avoid the potential corrosion by the ozone left in the machine, it is recommended to keep the fan working after the machine is shut down to completely exhaust the gas. After that, the fan can be shut down.

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Large Ozone Generating Machine

Compared with ozone generators in small sizes, the structure of a large ozone generating machine is much more complex. They tend to include several components including an ozone generator, an oxygen generator, a dry cooler, an air pump, a mixing tower, etc. When using this kind of device, it is recommended to separate them to prevent the failure of one component from affecting the others.

In addition, it is advisable to have two sets of machine. While one of them is working, the other one can serve as a backup. This ensures that if something goes wrong with one of them, the other one can get to work immediately without having to have the first one repaired. In addition, two sets of machine working alternately can avoid the long-term work in one of them, while the other one is left idle for a long time. This is because both long-term work and long-term idleness will be bad for the machine.

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Price cannot be ignored either when a purchaser is making the purchase for ozone generators. A low price indicates that both the quality of the accessories used in the product and its workmanship are uncertain. And a price which is too high means that the expected profit in the future sale will be limited when it is on the hand of a retailer. For a high quality product, reasonable pricing is the basis for determining a higher product value. Therefore, a cost-effective product with a reasonable pricing is the best choice when making the purchase.