A team of esteemed oral care specialists has recently introduced a revolutionary product, OENKLEN, which utilizes cutting-edge micro-electrolysis technology to directly electrolyze tap water and produce ozonated water for oral disinfection and sterilization. This breakthrough product has been in development for several years and offers a highly effective and non-irritating alternative to traditional mouthwash. OENKLEN’s zero-alcohol rinse is suitable for people of all ages, including children and the elderly, and is significantly more cost-effective than conventional mouthwash. By utilizing a smart App that allows users to control various ozone concentrations, OENKLEN is capable of precisely targeting specific oral issues such as tartar and bleeding.

Ozone dentistry offers a pain-free and effective method of oral care. By utilizing the potent sterilizing properties of ozone, it is possible to reduce the harmful bacteria that contribute to dental cavities and other oral conditions. In addition, ozone can eliminate the acids that damage tooth enamel. Until recently, this type of oral care was only accessible at the dentist’s office. However, with OENKLEN, users can experience the same level of care from the comfort of their own home. This compact countertop device transforms tap water into ozone water within seconds, producing a potent antiseptic mouthwash that effectively sterilizes and disinfects the mouth, reducing harmful bacteria by 99.99% and promoting safe and healthy oral care.

According to the WHO, almost half of the global population has untreated oral diseases, which, if left untreated, can lead to discomfort and long-term health complications such as cavities, halitosis, and periodontal disease. Tooth brushing alone is only 25% effective in removing the oral bacteria that cause these problems, and this is where OENKLEN comes in. Developed as a solution to this issue, OENKLEN produces a potent ozone rinse that can be easily generated at home in seconds for daily oral care. By allowing users to customize the ozone concentration in the water, OENKLEN effectively eliminates the bacteria responsible for tooth decay and other oral issues. With just the touch of a button, users can now enjoy powerful and tailored oral care in the comfort of their own home. This breakthrough product was founded by Neo Wu.

When compared to conventional mouthwash, the mouth rinse created by OENKLEN provides a superior level of sterilization, is gentle on the mouth, and has a highly favorable cost-value ratio, equivalent to 5,000 bottles of mouthwash. OENKLEN is eco-friendly, user-friendly, and has a simple interface, and can operate for up to two months on a single charge. Additionally, the device comes with a Smart APP that offers tailored solutions for various oral issues, serving as a personalized dental care guidance tool.

OENKLEN offers an effective solution for maintaining healthy oral care and resolving typical oral issues, including cavities, tooth decay, halitosis, and periodontal diseases. Through the unique combination of ozone’s beneficial effects and customized care via the App, OENKLEN provides users with a potent solution for leading a healthier lifestyle.