OSHA guidelines for Ozone levels in the workplace are time-weighted averages. Ozone levels shouldn’t exceed the exposure level of 0.10. There are several ACGIH guidelines for ozone in the workplace that can be found on the OSHA website. For more details about safe ozone levels, see the following recommendations by OSHA.

  • 0.2 ppm for no more than two hours exposure  
  • 0.08 ppm for 8 hrs/day exposure doing moderate work  
  • 0.1 ppm for 8 hrs/day exposure doing light work  
  • 0.05 ppm for 8 hrs/day exposure doing heavy work

As an example, here is the calculation that can be used to find the cumulative exposure for an eight-hour shift:

          (Ca Ta+Cb Tb+. . .Cn Tn)÷8 = E

     *E is the equivalent exposure for working shift. (Ozone = 0.1 ppm)

     *C is the concentration during any period of time (T) where the concentration remains constant.

     *T is the duration in exposure hours at the concentration C.

  For example:

          ([0.5ppm x 1 hour] + [0.02 x 2 hours] + [0.052ppm x 5 hours]) ÷ 8 = 0.1 ppm

If the lower levels are equal to 0.1ppm at other times of the day, then the 8 hour shift can be exceeded by higher levels of ozone for short periods of time.

Such as (0.1 all day):

          (0.1ppm x 8 hour) ÷ 8 = 0.1

Based on this calculation, E must never exceed 0.1 ppm of ozone in an 8-hour shift.

Ozone Generator Benefits for Workplace

A workplace can also develop odors for various reasons. Mold, humidity and fungi can cause musty odors over time, which are damaging. The smoking patios and terraces can also emit foul odors and smoke, as spilled food and drink never completely disappears despite cleaning. This can cause smells to accumulate in furniture, carpets, walls, ceilings, and ductwork. Simply cleaning the office will not eliminate these unpleasant odors.

In addition to eliminating office odors, an ozone generator can remove the origin of several contagious diseases by creating a clean, hygienic environment.

People in the office will breathe a cleaner environment, which will increase productivity and decrease sick days.

Outside of operating hours, ozone systems can be used to thoroughly sanitize the entire premises. There can be many applications, such as in stores and offices, that can be used to disinfect all surfaces after an hour or two. The root cause of airborne viruses can be prevented by disinfecting all surfaces in your workplace thoroughly. Ozone systems can eliminate residual chemicals and residues that may cause health problems for your customers or employees.