Ozone is made from three oxygen atoms. In order to disinfect contaminants, viruses, bacteria, and germs, ozone possesses a third molecule that is easily detached and then attaches itself to a microorganism to alter its chemical structure. A standard method for operating the ozone machine is to turn it on and leave it to operate for some time without anyone being present. After the ozone has done its job, you need to open the window and allow the air to escape. Here is everything you need to know about using an ozone generator so that you can safely finish the disinfection process.

ozone generator safety

Ozone Generator Dangers

It is important to use ozone generators carefully. If used improperly, it poses serious health risks to use them at home regardless of whether they are considered safe in industrial and medical applications. For viruses and bacteria to be eliminated, more ozone concentrations are be needed, such as the ozone machine must be very powerful to kill mold in the house. Therefore, it should be used carefully in residential homes. People with respiratory problems may be exposed to ozone that can lead to health problems. When ozone reacts with organic compounds in the air, it eliminates odors and pollution, a similar reaction occurs in the body when organic compounds cause damage.

ozone generator safety

Some of the conditions that can develop include throat irritation, lung irritation, nose and eye irritation, cough, shortness of breath, asthma, chest pain and increased susceptibility to respiratory infections.

Moreover, plants in indoor environments can also be affected by ozone, besides humans and pets. Ozone levels that are toxic can reduce plant growth, cause reddening, darkening areas, or even cause the entire plant to die.  

How To Safely Use Ozone Generator In Indoor Environment?

Can ozone generators be used safely considering all the discussed dangers? Absolutely! However, empty environment is the safest place to operate an ozone generator. If there are humans or animals in the house and any indoor plants, make sure they are all removed before turning on the ozone machine.

It is possible to use ozone devices safely at home when they are used in low concentrations according to OSHA or the EPA standards. For instance, you can clean the air, remove the smoke from cooking, or clear cigarette smoke from the environment. The place can still be occupied while the machine is being used. However, when you are using ozone machine with high concentrations to eliminate mold and bacteria, humans and pets must not enter the room during treatment process. Oxidation is the process of consuming ozone with its reactions to organics, including odors and smoke in the air. It is also triggered by bacteria, which will consume ozone through oxidation reactions.

In addition to covering or removing valuable items before you turn on an ozone generator, another safety precaution you should take is avoiding using an ozone generator machine in the high-humidity.

How Long Does It Take For Ozone To Dissipate?

What is the duration of ozone’s action in breaking down airborne contaminants and odors from the air, and when is ozone dissipated? The ozone will work to return to oxygen after finishing the treatment process and it depends on the ozone concentrations used during the treatment.

Ozone is also destroyed by heat, and the higher the temperature is in the interior environment where the ozone is emitted, the more quickly it is destroyed and dispersed into the air. In the after-effects of these processes, any ozone remaining in the environment is referred to as “residual” ozone and eventually turns back into oxygen within 15 minutes of being released into the air.

How Long Should You Run An Ozone Generator?

ozone generator safety

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the ozone generator should be run for a certain period of time. According to the size of the room, it usually takes between 20-30 minutes. When disinfecting an entire house, you may need to repeat the treatment process for better results.

Final Words About Ozone Generator Safety

In order to maintain ozone generator safety, it is recommended to use an ozone machine that uses a shutdown timer. In this way, when the machine has finished its work, the machine will automatically shut off. It is recommended to cover your mouth and nose before entering the room to manually turn off the machine if your machine does not have shutdown timer.

All things considered, using an ozone generator machine is absolutely safe. However, you need to use it carefully following the above-discussed precautions.