According to “EN 1682 standard“, the ozone generators shall be oxygen-fed when the exhaust airflow exceeds 2,500 m3/h, in addition to the general requirements for commercial air treatment technologies and ozone generators. Due to too high levels of nitrogen oxides and nitric acid, air-fed ozone generators create unhealthy levels of ozone.

According to the standard:

“To safe-guard against NOx and HNO3 build-up in the extract air, an oxygen-fed ozone generator will be used for a total extract flow exceeding 2500 m3/h.”

According to EN 1682 standard, the following recommendations are made:

  • There are new operational and regulatory requirements for photocatalytic air treatment (also known as ozone-free UV light treatment)
  • A F9-filter (ISO 16890, ePM1 80%+) must be used prior to the photocatalytic system. This filter must be resistant to ozone and UV. The filter should not be installed in the canopy or ceiling of the kitchen
  • UV lamps should not be operated at temperatures above the maximum specified by their manufacturer
  • UV lamps that are used in hoods shall be equipped with the following warning: “WARNING – UV radiation”
  • There shall be a warning sign on any inspection hatch on the exhaust duct reading: “WARNING – Ozone Treatment.”
  • As the technology contains both ozone and UV, it is also important to pay attention to the requirements for each of the three technologies.

General Requirements

In order to ensure technical safety, components immersed in an air stream have to be able to tolerate a constant temperature of at least 60 °C. Therefore, the exhaust air may have to be cooled.

  • For maintenance and cleaning purposes, the installation must be easily accessible
  • UV rays and ozone exposure should be controlled by using appropriate materials
  • The ground level concentration of ozone must be less than the applicable limit value
  • There shall be a unique traceable calibration certificate and an ozone sensor labeled “OZONE SENSOR” if ozone sensors are used
  • A clearly visible label “OZONE” must be placed every ten meters between the ozone generator and kitchen exhaust duct.

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