When determining the recommended levels of ozone for treatment, two steps are involved. First, the amount of ozone needed to oxidize the grams of contaminants. Second, the amount of ozone required for disinfecting the area, expressed in mg/l over a period of time. Concentration and time are required to inactivate a living organism.

Treatment Level Of Ozone For Various Microbial Species

Algae (blue green)0.351.5
Bacteria (all species), recommended0.110.1
Aeromonas & Actinomycetesyes
Bacillus, allyes
Clostridium Botulinum & othersyes
Escherichia coli (E. coli)0.0410.04
coliphage MS20.20.50.1
Helicobacter (pylori)yes
Heterotrophic Bacteria,- HPC0.20.50.1
Leqionella pneumophliayes
Micrococcus, allyes
Mycobacterium tuberculosis, leprae0.0160.06
Pseudomonas aeruginosa, fluorescens0.0110.01
Salmonella, all0.0110.01
Shigella shigellosis dysenteryyes
Staphylococcus sp, albus, aureus0.0110.01
Streptococcus all0.0120.02
Vibrio: aiginolyticus, anguillariumyes
cholerae, comma, parahemolyticusyes
Yersinia enterocoliticayes
Fungus, Molds, Yeasts0.351.5
Mold Spores0.03-0.30
Nematodes, all, recommended155
Hook worm & etc.0.3
Protozoa. all, recommended7.550.1
Acanthamoeba & Naegleria0.20.51.6
Amoeboe Trophozoites cysts0.447.5
Cryptosporidium, recommended5
Entamoebea (histolytica)yes2.5
Giardia lamblia0.85
Giardia muris0.552.5
N. gruberi0.55
Trematodes, all, recommended151.6
Flat worms, flukes & etc.0.30.9
VIRUS, all, recommended0.44
Adenovirus, 7A0.33
Echovirus 5,12 & 290.441.2
Enterovirus, over 35 types0.341.2
coxsachie, B3 & B50.61
poliovirus, 1, 2 & 30.34
Hepatitis, A E & HAVyes
nonA and nonByes
Myxovirus Influenzayes
Reovirus 3 types,yes
Rotavirus, 3 typesyes

Note: This information is collected by Jim Eagleton in OZONE IN DRINKING WATER TREATMENT

CT factors are a function of ozone concentration and temperature over a time period of minutes. The greater the CT factor, the longer the contact period to kill the organism.

Ozone concentrations of 0.01 will kill organisms with a factor of 0.01 for example 1.0 mg/L over a contact time of 1 minute, or 1.0 mg/L over a contact time of 1 minute, or 0.6 seconds, such as Staphylococcus aureus. Similarly, CT of 2.0 mg/L ozone is also produced by Staphylococcus amplification with a factor of 0.01 in 0.30 secs.

Bottom Line

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