Let’s start with an introduction of mycotoxins. They are digestive enzymes produced by mold when they digest and destroy the wood or cellulose. Although some people are better able to combat their threat than others, mycotoxins have always been a threat to human health. Although not all molds produce mycotoxins, they are ultrafine particles produced by common molds that can be found in buildings.

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How Our Lungs Work

The surprising fact is that they have relations with blood circulation in the lungs. Oxygen is collected by lungs from the air and to deliver to the body. We inhale O2 from the air, and exhale CO2 (carbon dioxide) which trees and plants will absorb and hold carbon to release more O2. It is the big plan for a livable atmosphere for all living creatures.

We all know how breathing works. The hose and nose hairs will help our body to filter the air we breathe in. We know air is carried to our lungs by bronchi or the throat. And also we know how our lung work.

As a quick and powerful way, human lungs deliver oxygen to the blood, but there is a mistake. By inhalation, other substances can also get into the bloodstream quickly. Just like asthma inhalers that provide medication to relieve an asthma attack. It is not easy for many particles to get to the lung or blood. PM 10 is at the size of dust, dirt and pollen. They can be mainly filtered by nose. And PM 2.5 can be categorized as mold spores that can cause reactions in humans.

PM1 is considered to be very fine particles that can enter not only lungs but also the bloodstream. This is why indoor air quality is a part of the IAQ assessment. We can raise many concerns about VOCs, toxins, and pollutants in the indoor air, but particles are still another concern for our health.

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How to Fight against Mycotoxins

Combating mycotoxin-related health problems is a gradual and persistent process of cleaning, air filtration, and detoxification. Once the mold problem is resolved and all water leaks have been repaired, the next will be an ongoing effort to remove mold spores and mycotoxins from the building. Comparatively, mold spores are larger. By cleaning and filtering the air, they are easier to be removed. But mycotoxins are too small. It is impossible for regular cleaning and sterilization to clean them.

An ozone treatment by an ozone generator can kill mold, mold spores and also neutralize mycotoxins. A massive ozone shock treatment is not what we suggest. Instead, you can use an ozone generator to treat the area for 2-4 hour in conjunction with a HEPA filter, followed by a deep cleaning of each area of the building. If there is a concern about clothing be affected when an ozone generator is turned on, they can be washed in hot water with certain chemicals that remove mycotoxins and mold spores. After that, they can be stored in bags until the entire building is fully cleaned and treated. Keep the building unoccupied when an ozone generator is working. Wait over 30 minutes after the treatment, and rinse the building with fresh air for at least 15 minutes.

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How to Test Mycotoxins

A urine test is the only way to know whether a treatment against mycotoxins works. Collect morning urine sample firstly and then test it for mycotoxins. Though it might be troublesome, it’s the only way to track your mycotoxin condition. A declined score will let you know that you are on the right track. If the results stays the same after your cleansing and detoxifying endeavor, you should check the foods you eat because most fruits and vegetables are susceptible to mold, smut and mildew. Mycotoxin contamination from your food source is the only possible source of mycotoxins-concerned health risks.

Don’t expect to solve your concern in just one day. What is realistic is to gradually reduce the toxicity problem through careful cleaning and an ozone treatment cycle. And a monthly detoxification should be maintained because life cannot stay in a static condition.

Finally, you may have tried everything but still failed to remove mycotoxins from your environment. This is the time when you can consult an IAQ specialist who can sample and test your indoor air to determine if VOCs are the reason of the problem. If it is certain that there are VOCs, you can consider a fogging process after a conventional ozone treatment to neutralize all types of toxins.