Traditional laundry mainly uses chemical laundry detergents and fabric softeners. It’s been around for I don’t know how many years. The problems with it are also obvious. Detergent residue can have a noticeable effect on sensitive skin. Chemical washing products can do almost nothing for the odors on clothes. That’s why ozone laundry could be a game-changer for traditional laundry.

Ozone laundry is a more effective and safer way to wash clothes than soap, detergents, and older ionic wash units. Ozone is highly oxidizing, allowing for more efficient cleaning by breaking down the molecular structure of dust and dirt on clothing. Also, ozone laundry uses cold water compared to chemical washing products that work better in hot water. And the lower the temperature, the better the function will be. This is because low temperatures are more conducive to ozone stability.

To help you choose the right ozone laundry system from the market, today we have selected 5 popular ozone laundry systems for your reference. We’ll look at the features of each one and what users say about them to help you make your decision.

ozone laundry system

1. O3Pure Eco Laundry System

This Eco Laundry System from O3Pure features a front panel free of complicated buttons and menus. There is a window in the middle that will emit blue light when it’s working. There are two small pictures in the lower right corner of the front panel to mark the positions of the water inlet and outlet for the convenience of the installation work.

Feedbacks from Customers:

One customer said he bought the product to wash his child’s diapers. The installation process was completed in about just 10 minutes. The shell is easy to remove, which makes the replacement of parts in the future easier.

Another customer’s feedback is that only a small amount of stain remover biodegradable is required after using this system. And soaps are no longer needed. This can eliminate the itches and allergies that used to arise from the use of soaps. The use of this system also eliminates the need for bleaches.

There are also negative comments. Some customers reported that the product was expensive to buy, which is about $50 more than other similar products. Another housewife’s complaint was that it had faded her clothes even though they had not been washed for long. It seems that there is a too high level of ozone used. There are also customer reporting that there are component damage and ozone leakage problems.


  • Simple installation process
  • Good odor removal effect


  • Not cheap compared with others
  • Too high ozone concentration
  • Internal components may become loose
  • It can be easily damaged
  • There are frequent ozone leak problems
ozone laundry system

2. GreenTech Pure Wash Pro

This Pure Wash Pro is from GreenTech. Its shell is made in white ABS plastic. The water pipes are below the body of the product, with are 1 inlet and 2 outlets. On the front panel, you can see two transparent windows. They can be used by the user to view the status of the desiccant and show the blue backlight of the static mixer.

Feedbacks from Customers:

One customer reported that he used this product to clean towels and got a good result. The towel smelled awful before it is washed. Then, without the use of any additive detergent or fabric softener, it smelled as if it had been dried in the sun after being washed with the system.

A negative review from a customer said there is a leaking problem shortly after it has been used. Other customers also complained that it was not good for sports clothes. The smell is still there after they have been washed.


  • Save money on detergents and softeners
  • It can remove odor to some extent
  • The installation process is easy and fast


  • Quite a few customers complained about water leakage when it is used for the 1st time.
  • Some customers complained that there are also odors in the sportswear after they are washed.
  • A client sent feedback saying that it was broken after it has been used for less than 1 years.
  • Some customers complained that there is no indicator light.
ozone laundry system

3. Ozone Laundry System from Sihon-Ozone

This Ozone Laundry System from Sihon-Ozone is made of white ABS engineering plastic. It has a solid structure and a beautiful appearance. The water inlet and double outlets are located below the product. When it is installed, it can be done by just unscrewing the caps and connecting the pipes.

This ozone laundry system comes with a brackets that makes it possible to be installed in about 10minutes. There is no need to disassemble the case to finish the installation as others. After the bracket is secured, it can be mounted by hanging directly onto the bracket.

The system has dual injectors inside, which will significantly improve the ozone dissolution efficiency. Moreover, the dual injectors have check valves that can prevent water from flowing back into the ozone generator module and causing damage. In addition, its static mixer can further improve ozone dissolution efficiency.

It has double water outlets that can satisfy the water demands for both the laundry and kitchen use for washing and cleaning fruit, vegetable, meat, etc. It comes with a magnetizer that can effectively reduce the hardness of water when using well water.

Feedbacks from Customers:

Numerous customers have reported that there is a surprising performance in removing dirt, sterilization and odor when using this ozone laundry system. And it’s perfect for washing clothes for babies and toddlers, who have a higher need for cleanliness. The use of ozone significantly reduces the use of laundry detergents. Not only that, the odors are gone from the washing machines and the laundry room smells cleaner.

Many customers said that it has a high stability after a long period of use. After more than 2 years of use, it still performs as well as it did when it first arrived, showing no signs of diminished effect.

Some customers reported that although there is no adjustment function for ozone concentration, it works automatically and preset ozone level makes the use more convenient. Its ozone concentration has been adjusted to a very suitable level. So there’s no need to worry about excessive bleaching or other damage to clothing from high ozone levels.


  • Dual injectors with check valves
  • Static mixer to enhance ozone dissolution
  • Dual water outlets
  • The use of Hall switch realizes automatic work
  • Its magnetizer softens hard water
  • No disassembly is required for the installation
  • Power interface has an anti-falling off design
  • Food grade silicone tubes and ABS tubes to ensure health


  • Some customers have complained that it takes a long time to receive the goods after the placement of orders.
  • Some customers reported that although they were properly packed, they were still damaged when arrived.
ozone laundry system

4. A2Z Aqua-6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator

The next product is Aqua-6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator from A2Z Ozone. By using an ABS plastic case, its exterior design is traditional. On the front panel you can find a switch, an indicator light, a digital display screen and adjusting buttons. It features 15 different functional timers. It contains a built-in air pump and two sets of water output pipes.

Feedbacks from Customers:

One customer reported that it has a good effect on hand-washed garments. It has 15 settings. So the user can tailor its output according to different tasks.

Feedback from another client showed that so far it is working great with her sick wife. It is ideal for the clothes washing demand from patients who are sensitive chemical laundry products.

However, some customers also complained that there was a decrease in the ozone concentration after only a few weeks’ use. He claims that he felt a significant decrease of the ozone concentration.

Some customers also reported missing pipes and air stones when it is received. And after they contacted the company, they were not replied soon. In addition, many customers said that the after-sales service was disrespectful and arrogant.


  • Its traditional design and operation makes the use convenient.
  • There are 15 different functional timers for different tasks.


  • There have been cases of ozone concentration decreasing after a period of use.
  • They often arrive at the clients with missing components.
  • Some customers complained that the after-sale service was not so good.
  • Some customers reported that it was good when it has just been used. But after a period of time, there was a decline in its ozone concentration level.
ozone laundry system

5. O3Waterworks Aqueous Ozone Laundry System

The final one is an ozone laundry system from O3WaterWorks. It is comparatively wider than the others. It features a case made of stainless steel. From the two windows on the front panel, the user can see the static mixer and the desiccant inside. The power port, water inlet and water outlet are located below its case.

Feedbacks from Customers:

Some customers sent feedback saying that it can significantly replace chemical washing products and softeners. By doing so, it will reduce the associated costs.

Another customer said that by using this system, it makes clothes softer. It also has a bleaching effect. The use of cold water also reduces the cost for heating water.

Negative feedbacks mainly came from the customers complaining that it is not so good for washing active wears. It either functions poorly when well water is used. This might be because it is unable to soften the hard water.

Not only that. Because of it high ozone concentration level, the washing time should be controlled. Otherwise, there may be an excessive fading effect of the clothes being washed.


  • The use of ozone reduces the need for chemical washing products
  • Ozone has a great bleaching effect
  • There is a good bactericidal effect for washing meat and vegetables


  • Relatively more expensive than others.
  • In a few cases, there are leaking problems in the pipes.
  • Some customers reported that there was a decreased ozone concentration and ozone leakage after only half a year of use.